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About Landing Pages

Landing Pages are single, simple pages on a website specifically designed as an entrance to a website, an offer or a product.

Typically the visitor comes to the Landing Page from an advertisement, an email, or a social media link.

Typically, the goal is to capture the attention of the visitor and and convince the visitor to click through to another part of the website.

Landing Pages can also be utilized for SEO purposes - summarize a list of links to articles.

Successful Landing Pages are short, simple and to the point.


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Landing Page Tips

  • 1Have a dedicated Landing Page for each ad.
  • 2Each Landing Page should connect and answer the search term.
  • 3Every Landing Page should have a clear "call to action" on the page.
  • 4Make Your Landing Pages as clean as possible with little or no links besides your "Call to Action".
  • 5Write Your Landing Pages in the First Person, like a direct letter to the reader.
  • 6Sign your name at the bottom - again, just like a letter.
  • 7Test and retest your Landing Pages.
  • 8Use a headline that directly connects to the search term.
  • 9Write in short paragraphs - 1-3 lines per paragraph.
  • 10Make your point in the first sentence of each paragraph.
  • 11Use some sort of Analytics to track your results - don't just depend on Adwords.
  • 12Your Call to Action HAS to be measureable - if it's a phone call, get a separate phone number.
  • 13If your Call to Action is a form - make sure it's short.
  • 14Be polite and say thank you.

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